Blind Console

Blind Console makes an inclusion dream come true

Blind Console makes an inclusion dream come true

Four graduates in different fields – Arianna Ortelli (pictured here with a gamer), Dario Codispoti, Enrico Allais, Flavio Accossato – set up Novis, with the goal of implementing the idea of a gaming platform that allows access to the visually impaired, starting from tactile and auditory stimuli.

Just one year went by from the moment of conception to the moment Blind Console, the first gaming console for the visually impaired, hit the market, giving everybody the opportunity to autonomously experiment the physical and emotional dimension of videogaming through touch and hearing.

The team includes experts and engineers, and involves blind and visually impaired people in the design and development stages to create products based on real needs.

Novis has already created several games and others are in the test phase.

“We aim at creating independence and in improving blind and visually impaired people’s everyday lives. We created a new digital world where emotion and feel are key players and everyone can have fun in innovative gaming environments”.