Freud’s Bones

Soul searching becomes a game

Soul searching becomes a game

You’re young, you’re full of ideas, have a degree in psychology and work for a cleaning business. You’re going through a difficult moment, what do you do? You make up an alter ego to put things in perspective and place them into a videogame. Easy? Not exactly, especially if you have a demanding day job and no experience in game design.

Freud’s Bones was born from these premises and from the determination of Fortuna Imperatore, aka Axell Fox (pictured here mapping the game) who, starting from her skills and knowledge as a psychologist, taught herself an all new expertise as a game developer.

Back home from work, Fortuna walks through the gates of an alternative world, learns 3D modelling and creates a game where the individual has fun walking in Freud’s shoes, lowering the gaming experience into their life and using it as an example (also) to pursue a personal development path.

“Talking about psychology and gaming, the first thing that came to my mind was simulation. The game can simulate a first approach to existential conditions that impact the human soul, placing the gamer in the role of the physician, of the patient’s friends, or of the patient themselves”.