Promoting gaming culture at all levels in Italy

Our mission is to create favorable conditions for the development of the industry in Italy and to foster the role of videogame in the economic, social and cultural system of our country

In realizing our goals, we operate in different field of activities:

  • We periodically release reports on the videogames market, on the profile of gamers and on the esports sector in Italy
  • We realize periodic surveys on the Italian Industry, with specific focus on the development and production of videogames
  • We closely work with public institutions at every level to represent, promote and safeguard interest of the industry in the appropriate fora
  • We work to create a sustainable ecosystem for the business development of start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and multinationals operating in Italy, with particular attention to internationalization
  • We promote the spreading of videogames culture through the organization of different local-based events and initiatives
  • We promote the responsible use of videogames as a form of entertainment and growth tool, providing consumers with all the necessary information about PEGI age ratings, parental controls of main platforms and useful suggestions for parents when purchasing or playing a videogame